Your Needs – Our Flexibility

Your needs are paramount with the planning of the interior. Konnex offers pragmatic, flexible and modular units, which can be customized for individual requirements.

About the Units

The Konnex offers units ranging from small retail units to large office space units, encompassing a total of approximately 37’000m² rental space. The typical floor size in the Längsbau is 1’500m² and the standard level of each of the four Fingers is approximately 800m². With multiple entrances and Vertical Risers, many levels can be divided further to meet the needs of smaller user groups. The smallest units comprise of approx. 360m². Efficient, flexible, and modular floors offer maximum freedom in planning the layout of the space and final design. On the lower ground approximately 4’000m² of space is available for storage, archiving as well as other potential tenant spaces such as health & fitness concepts and urban farming.


The basic offer of the space will come as Extended Basic Structure including the following features:

  • Basic electrical power distribution within raised floor (inkl. power sockets)
  • Hybrid ceilings: cooling, ventilation, acoustics
  • Suspended ceiling in the circulation areas incl. integrated lighting
  • New sanitary facilities
  • Connection for tea kitchen
  • Fire alarm system suitable for open space use

Alternatively, the space can be delivered fully fit out to an occupier’s individual needs. A specialised team is available to support you with the tenant fit out – determining your operative needs/requirements regarding the space, feasibility analysis incl. layout, cost and time calculation, project planning and execution. We can support you throughout the process from beginning to move in and commencement of businesss, so that you can keep your focus on your daily business.

Whether according to plan or customized to specifications, a very high standard of construction will be implemented.

Get inspired by our usage examples and layout studies!

Offer Overview


Unit Floor Area Status
L.M04.033rd floor112 m2rented
L.M01.EGG567 m2available
L.M02.EGG404 m2available
FB.M01.033rd floor825 m2available
FC.M01.033rd floor824 m2rented
L.M03.EGG128 m2available
L.M04.EGG84 m2available
FD.M01.033rd floor824 m2rented
L.M01.044th floor452 m2available
L.M05.EGG84 m2available
L.M02.044th floor362 m2available
L.M06.EGG85 m2available
L.M03.044th floor712 m2available
FA.M01.EGG811 m2available
L.M04.044th floor85 m2rented
FB.M01.EGG813 m2available
FA.M01.044th floor810 m2available
FC.M01.EGG811 m2available
FB.M01.044th floor811 m2available
FD.M01.EGG811 m2rented
L.M01.011st floor859 m2rented
FC.M01.044th floor810 m2rented
L.M02.011st floor446 m2rented
FD.M01.044th floor810 m2rented
L.M01.055th floor452 m2available
L.M03.011st floor248 m2rented
L.M02.055th floor362 m2available
FA.M01.011st floor823 m2rented
L.M03.055th floor712 m2available
FB.M01.011st floor825 m2available
L.M04.055th floor112 m2rented
FC.M01.011st floor823 m2rented
FA.M01.055th floor570 m2available
FD.M01.011st floor823 m2rented
L.M01.022nd floor854 m2rented
FB.M01.055th floor571 m2available
FC.M01.055th floor570 m2rented
FA.M01.022nd floor810 m2rented
FD.M01.055th floor570 m2rented
FB.M01.022nd floor811 m2available
L.M01.066th floor452 m2available
FC.M01.022nd floor810 m2rented
FD.M01.022nd floor810 m2rented
L.M02.066th floor362 m2available
L.M01.033rd floor452 m2available
L.M03.066th floor712 m2available
L.M02.033rd floor362 m2available
L.M04.066th floor85 m2rented
L.M01.077th floor452 m2rented
L.M03.033rd floor712 m2available
L.M02.077th floor362 m2rented
FA.M01.033rd floor824 m2available
L.M03.077th floor712 m2available
L.M04.077th floor112 m2rented
L.M01.088th floor354 m2available
L.M02.088th floor293 m2available
L.M03.088th floor496 m2rented
L.M04.088th floor74 m2rented
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