Industrial Innovation District

Konnex is connected to the rich history of Baden and is located on the original site of the of Brown, Boveri & Cie/ABB, which originated the Innovative Industrial Area in the late 19th century. Designed by Theo Hotz, the Konnex Building has won multiple awards including the Constructec-Preis: European Prize for Industrial Architecture and has been an Architectural Icon in the heart of ABB Areal in the Baden North District.

Urban Meets Nature

The Konnex building consists of an eight-story main wing, the Längsbau, adjacent to the four Fingers. Natural Daylight radiates into the building through the glass facades creating features of transparency and openness as well as unity between the inside and outside areas.


The “Green Strategy” is an important part of the Redevelopment Plan in which nature is blended into the urban environment. Special indoor and outdoor enclaves serve as respite areas for relaxation, conversation, and community. Visual Landscape is demonstrated through attractive gardens in the interior atriums and outdoor courtyards between the Fingers. This greenery can be seen from many angles of the building and serves as an additional sustainable climate feature.

Sustainable into the future

In terms of sustainability, high standards are being aimed at as part of the redevelopment: Minergie (Swiss Label) and LEED GOLD certification. LEED is the internationally best known and most renowned building label. With a certificate, LEED guarantees that a building has been developed, planned, and realized according to measurable sustainable aspects.

Ecological footprint
A photovoltaic system will be installed on the roof of the Konnex, which Generates up to 185,000 kilowatt hours of solar power per year. District heating and cooling are obtained from the local plant in Baden – 100 % CO2-neutral from 2023. Your ecological footprint will be reduced to a minimum at Konnex!


In addition to normal parking spaces, a modern mobility concept offers charging stations for electric vehicles, sufficient bicycle parking spaces, etc